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Article: Benefits of Full Grain Leather

Benefits of Full Grain Leather

Benefits of Full Grain Leather

Leathers have been an embodiment of luxury for a long time. However, when it comes to their best type, full grain leather is the potential winner as it serves a lot in terms of strength and aesthetics. It is definitely tempting to see what makes the best the best and that’s what we are about to do in a while.

Let’s take a deeper look into this leather, its making, and some peculiarities. Apart from that, we’ll be answering some important questions down the article. You should certainly be more interested in the topic, if you are planning to get a handbag or any other leather accessory. So, let’s begin!

What is Full Grain Leather?

Full grain leather is the purest form of the hide. The top layer of animal skin makes it aesthetic and beautiful. Since this top layer bears all the weather and the world’s cruelties, it becomes the strongest part. Resultantly, it makes the leather strongest too among the others.

The leather is not buffed, sanded, or snuffed during the tanning and is neither treated through a chemical process. That’s why it keeps its natural color, texture, and appears all glorious and naturally beautiful.

How is Full Grain Leather Made?

It is the top layer and is made from the whole hide. So, manufacturers mostly make products from one big piece of it. First, the hide is made hairless, revealing the strong natural skin grains below. The full grain leather is made from this part. After removing proteins, chemicals, and fats and lowering its pH level, the next step is tanning.

The entire hide is put into a rolling drum with tanning liquid. Lastly, oiling, brushing, and glazing finish the job. It also gets its colors and drying processes in this stage to make it commercially or industrially usable. Here you get strong natural leather with any additional treatment.

Top 6 Benefits of Full Grain Leather

1.    Strength

As mentioned earlier, it is among the strongest and toughest leathers. The part of the hide that makes it faces the world, which is meant to be strong. The reason behind the strength is the vertical fibers that provide a cushion and strength.

So, you can easily carry its products anywhere, as they will resist scratches, punctures, cracks, or tears. It won’t even tear off easily or give an ugly look early. It's less prone to damage nature, making it an optimum option for many things.

2.    Breathability

The full grain leather is more breathable than other common types like top-grain or corrected ones. It allows the most air to pass through them and quickly brings down the moisture level on the other side.

As these are technically skins, they also have small pores. Due to which it allows vapors to pass and keeps the leather soft itself. Hence, you get a soothing texture on the material.

3.    Uniqueness

Also, just like humans, every animal is different. As the full grain leather is nothing but the top layer of animal hide, it also contains all the patterns, skin designs, and any scar or mark. As a result, each piece is unique from the others.

It preserves all the beauty of natural looks and originality. Two handbags from a single hide are likely to be different in design, even if both get the same manufacturing. Non-treatment also reduces the risk of alteration in natural appearance.

4.    Skillful Craftsmanship

Working with full grain leather is hard, and only skilled people get their hands on the manufacturing. The material is hard to master, so you can conclude the only bests have made your handbag. It takes skillful hands to craft, shape, and design full-grain leather goods.

So, hopefully you won’t be complaining about any flaw soon. Their skill also embellishes the beauty and elegance of the material and improves that aesthetics for the premium touch.

5.    Resistant Nature

The full grain is resistant to many factors, proving its strength and improving durability. Apart from scratch and tear resistance, it also prevents water. Although the material has pores and is breathable, it still resists water.

The grains are closely packed enough to restrain water from seeping in. Hence, its handbags won’t wet anything inside in case of a spill or spray. And since it is unaffected by myriad things, you’ll need less maintenance and care.

6.    Aesthetic Aging

Everything that comes after age and time makes it more aesthetic. It also goes for leathers, as this one has fantastic patina (color change in the material after time). It ages elegantly and results in a more profound texture and appearance.

It won’t be hard to say full grain leathers show their maximum glory after a time of usage. The aging releases oil and makes it shinier as well develops a pleasant smell. So, you may not want to throw it when it becomes old.


1.    Is full grain leather good?

It is the strongest and toughest leather. Made from the hide's top layer, it brings uniqueness and different patterns. At the same time, it becomes more beautiful with time and glossier with age.

2.    Where is full grain leather used?

This type is often used in making items where durability and strength are required. Some common examples are handbags, belts, shoes, jackets, briefcases, and wallets. However, you will also observe its usage in weapon holsters, furniture, and duffle bags.

3.    How long does full grain leather last?

Since it is the most durable category, it can last longer than the usual fabric. Proper care and maintenance can serve you for several years or even decades. As a fun fact, they can even last for a lifetime if you are too careful.

4.    How to clean full grain leather?

They are easy to clean. You only need a brush and lukewarm water. Gentle rubbing will clean all the dirt and stain. After cleaning, leave it for air dry. Don’t bring any heating source near as it may shrink and cause tears on the surface.

Bottom Line

That’s all for the benefits of full-grain leather. It is a fantastic option due to the beauty, strength and toughness it has to offer in a single package.  That’s not all. Since only experienced ones are able to handle it, you will get the best products and service. So, get your hands on full-grain if you’re heading out for leather handbag or jacket!


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