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Article: What Kind of Leather do Designer Bags Use?

What Kind of Leather do Designer Bags Use?

What Kind of Leather do Designer Bags Use?

Have you ever wondered what it takes for your favorite brands to launch the handbags that throb millions of hearts instantly? Or has the idea of what made CHANEL 2.55 one of the best designer bags of 2022 ever struck you? Well, if you are a leather fashion enthusiast, you must have had these questions.

Clearly, the use of leather is a must in designer bags industry due to its durability, resistance and flamboyant style. And different brands have different preferences when it comes to choosing leather to manufacture timeless handbags.

Well, we’ve some of their secrets up our sleeves. So, keep on reading to know more about your favorite designer brands and their leather choices!

1. Gucci

Gucci never was, and never will be out of fashion. The exquisite Italian brand always keeps its game up with its excellent quality, elegance, and symbolism. Making full use of the native leather industry, Gucci uses Italian leather which is the best of the best. And why shouldn’t it be? It is pliable, lush, and flexible.

Even though Gucci has introduced Canvas handbags recently, most of its bags are made from crocodiles, lizards, Cows, Ostriches leather due to its high demand in the market. The famous Gucci Diana Totebag is synthesized from crocodile skin and has high bendability and flexibility, making it one of the most expensive handbags the brand has ever manufactured. Other infamous leather Gucci bags such as Dionysus is made of silver leather, Marmont from diagonal matelassé quilted leather, and Soho Disco from grain leather.

2. Louis Vuitton

The iconic French fashion house is well-reputed for decades for using a variety of leathers. Vachette leather, EPI leather, Taurillon leather, and Empreinte leather are the kinds used for most of their handbags.

There is lot of speculation about Louis Vuitton being a vegan brand. However, that’s not entirely true as skins such that of Crocodiles, Camels, Lambs, and Reptiles are still in use.

Vachette (Cowhide) leather is commonly used as it is completely authentic and raw and requires no tanning, dyeing, or preservatives thus making it highly versatile. The monogram on all the bags is made from the Vachette leather which is carefully tanned and refined to live up to the standards. While some popular products such as Speedy bag, Alma, and NeoNoe just consist of leather straps only, others like LockMe and Capcuines are completely made from soft grain calf leather that gives it a sleek and structured shape.


The super giant brand CHANEL is known for its finest quality and appealing styles. Their choice of leather is either lambskin or Caviar skin, both of which provide extremely smooth texture, soft touch, and delicate covering to the handbag covers.

Calfskin is also preferred by CHANEL due to its ability to retain shape as they have tensile strength. CHANEL 2.55 is made from soft calfskin, it became exceptionally prominent and trendy as it was the first ever handbag with a shoulder strap (definitely a lifesaver for women). Some other top-selling bags such as Chanel Camera Bag, Mini Flap, and It-girl favorite are all made from Calfskin leather.

4. Loewe

The high-end brand takes pride in preserving its remarkable Spanish legacy. And the result is leather bags with utmost craftsmanship, admirable quality, and aesthetically pleasing bags.

Loewe is known for its technique of recycling leather leftovers and thereby attracting the customers for being environment-friendly. The most beloved Loewe puzzle bag is made from classic calfskin and can be adorned as shoulder bag, cross-body, tote, clutch or backpack adding to its versatility and demand.

The major factor contributing to the brand success is the fact that its bags are completely handmade. It results in compact bags that will stay with for a while.

Why Should You Consider Buying Leather Designer Bags?

All these handbags are worth thousands of dollars since we all know that a good quality designer bag will never be out of style and value.  Worth every penny, it’ll protect your items and complement your most outfits. What’s more? Designer bags are especially compact with strongly knitted straps, thereby lasting way longer than regular ones.

 You can definitely extend their life with a little bit of extra care. After use, clean the bag either with damp towels or dry paper towels. You can stuff it with items like bubble wrap or newspaper to help the leather maintain its shape and not sag eventually. It also helps keep the straps intact. Moreover, storing leather bags inside a box or keeping them in a separate lining prevents fading and transferring of color onto other mediums.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How durable are the designer leather bags?

Ans. Leather itself can survive almost a century, however designer bags will last up to 10 to 30 years depending on their usage. A handbag used on regular basis might wear off soon but conscious care can pretty much extend its life.

How sustainable is the production of designer handbags?

Ans. Even though the longevity of these bags is an important factor, exploitation in this regard cannot be denied. Major brands like Gucci and Loewe claim environment-friendly practices; still there is a large amount of textile waste. Tons of chemical use and hazardous greenhouse gas emissions from the industries is certainly a problem.

Will vegan leather make the production of designer bags more sustainable?

Ans. Well, the answer is a big fat yes as vegan leather industry is clearly animal and eco-friendly. Though, it also means compromised quality of the final product.


Changes in the handbag industry in terms of affordability and sustainability are still a long way to go, but now you know all about types of leather that are being used by popular brands. Certainly, now you must have a better idea of which brand is your type. What do you look for in a designer bag? Do you prefer trend, aesthetic, or symbolism? What kind of leather do you think designer brands should use and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

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