Pompeii Buffalo Handmade Leather Backpack

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This is not a machine-stitched accessory, but one that has been artistically and articulately tacked together with reinforced stitches to give no room for wears-and-tears. When you are hauling a questionable amount of weight with it, remember that carrying too much weight than is necessary on your back can lead to adverse long-term effects research has shown. 

Appearance: Let us talk about good looks. This backpack is made from buffalo skin known for its tough, thick, and high-density properties. The topmost layer of buffalo skin is already known as the most durable and expensive part of buffalo skin and it is completely full-grain leather.

Now, no extra chemicals were used on this top-notch leather and this is to preserve its natural look and prevent damage to the human skin and or body systems. Of course, this bag comes in a faded lovely brown color that just uniquely defines it.

Crafting: Now, there is a difference between machine-stitched and hand-stitched products; the art, the intricacies, and durability of the latter always surpass the former and with this bag, the fact remains so, if not better even.

It is stitched together by the best craftsmen using superb stitches to make sure that it lasts longer and secures all vulnerable places like the strap holds flap overs, and zipper areas. Not only that, these stitches add to the bag's unique look.

Capacity: Dimensions are 15.5" H × 14" L × 6" W and this avails a hold-all capacity that will fit up to a 15 inches MacBook, laptop, A4 size papers, and books, and also have room for some of your accessories. It is made complete with 2 side pockets that have zipper protection and can hold up to five iPhone 11 pro maxes each.

The main pocket of the bag has 2 small pockets on the inner sidewall, and there is also an outer front compartment. The bag is complete with 2 back straps and a top handle, giving the choice of carrying to its user.


  • Dimensions: 15.5" H x 14" L x 6" W Inches

Inner Details

  • 2 small pockets on the front wall
  • 1 big compartment

Outer Details

  • 1 Pocket on front
  • 2 side zipper pockets
  • Handle on top
  • 2 back straps
  • Flap-over and thread for closure

Other Details

  • Material: Buffalo Leather

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