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Large Leather Jewelry Box - The Portrait of a Lady

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Large Leather Jewelry Box - The Portrait of a Lady
Large Leather Jewelry Box - The Portrait of a Lady Sale price$455.00

The Portrait of a Lady

    “If one is strong, one loves the more strongly.” ― Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady


  • She took a leather jewelry box and gently swiped the dust off the top with a sleeve of her silk robe. She pulled the box closer and opened the lid. A silver necklace with St. Mary that rested in a soft velvet upholstery reminded her of her grandmother and all those Sunday mornings they used to go to church together; the blue broach her mother used to wear on special occasions has almost lost its shine. She still loved it just as much though. The ring her late husband gave her for their first wedding anniversary had a special place in the box. They used to really struggle back then so she knew it wasn‘t a real ruby, she didn‘t care however, it was still the most precious. You could see the reflections of the light in the crimson stone. Red was Jim‘s favorite color. Every time she wore a red dress he said how beautiful she looked. She missed him so much. Every day. At least she had the box full of memories.


  • Exterior made from full-grain cowhide (Vachetta leather) that will last you for decades
  • Interior fully lined and easy to clean


  • Leather handle for easy carrying in hand
  • Code - lock closure
  • Large mirror on the top lid
  • Compartment for a jewelry set
  • Ring holder
  • Three slide-out drawers
  • Metal studs protect the bottom from rough surfaces Metal studs protect the bottom from rough surfaces
  • Reliable hardware Reliable hardware

Setting up a new code

  • The initial code is 000.
  • To change the code, simply push the square opening mechanism to a locking position and hold while changing the digits of the code lock. Once you set up the new code, release the square opening mechanism.