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Article: The Perfect Men's Leather Weekend Bag

The Perfect Men's Leather Weekend Bag

The Perfect Men's Leather Weekend Bag

Nothing can be more soothing than a fantastic weekend trip. But if you have a lot of disorganized stuff, it can also convert into a headache. Although with rather limited stuff, men still need an excellent weekender bag to carry their goods. That's why we are here with the perfect men's leather weekend bag in different categories.

Since your priorities are different for different occasions and events, you will need a different style of duffle weekend bag. But the selection becomes complicated with the wide range of brands and their products. In this article, you will know the 8 best men's leather bags and why you need them. So, without waiting, Let's Begin!

What Makes a Leather Weekend Bag Perfect for Men

Apart from the suitcases, leather weekender bags serve men the best. They are compact, easy to carry, have multiple pockets, durable, aesthetic, versatile, long-lasting, and become more elegant with aging. With their small size, they don't take up enough space and are lightweight (based on what you stuff in them).

Most of them have sufficient pockets to distribute your belongings in different sections. Since leather is such a versatile material, you also have a broad range of colours, textures, finishes, and grades. You can even take them anywhere due to the carry straps, and they won’t look odd because of their stylish nature.

What to Look For When Buying a Weekend Bag

But before buying, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, consider your budget as these bags can range from $250 to $1200, based on brand. The next thing is the storage and space you require. It shouldn't be too small for your items.

Portability and carry ease is also a significant factor. In the end, it should have a marvellous appearance to go with the style. Some people also consider the number of pockets, but it depends on your preference. If you like more organized stuff, you can buy one with many pockets available.

Now, let's discuss the best men's weekend leather bags you can buy.

8 Best Men's Leather Weekend Bag

1.    Kodiak Leather Denali - Overall Best Men's Leather Weekend Bag

The Kodiak Leather Denali is a highly versatile weekend leather bag, suitable for international trips, adventures, business meetings, family tours, you name it. It is also an affordable option with three amazing colours. The full-grain leather gives it a high-class appearance.

Coming to portability, it has a carry-on strap to hang it to your shoulder and on the go. The three spacious exterior pockets make quick-grab items easy, including one for a laptop. It comes in handy at airports where you need to take out your laptop instantly. And to keep the dirt off from the bottom, it has five brass feet. They will limit damage to the fabulous leather.

2.    Holssen Travel Sport Weekender Bag – Best Men’s Leather Overnight Bag

If you are looking for something party style and timeless, Holssen Travel Sport Weekender Bag is the best pick. The vintage look makes it a time capsule that has held onto aging. Made with genuine leather, you get a wide range of colours and textures.

The three compartments inside keep your clothes, accessories, items, and toiletries organized. Two external pockets offer more organization. It is still a compact option for your one to two nights stay on weekends. Moreover, it can easily be snug in the plane's or bus' storage due to its compact design.

3.    Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Keepall - Best High-End Men’s Duffle Bag

Louis Vuitton is the symbol of luxury in the world, and so are their duffle bags. The Monogram Eclipse Keepall is a luxurious spend with supreme quality and elegance. Remember, you will need deep pockets to get your hands on this bag, but it will be worth a dime.

The classy design and black texture make the premium appearance that catches everyone’s eye. Also, the selection of high-quality materials provides almost fancy leather looks (whisper; it is made from cotton canvas that resembles leather tremendously). Turns out it is also lightweight, so it won’t strain you early while carrying for a long distance.

4.    Piel Leather duffle - Best Men’s Adventure Duffle Bag

If you happen to be an adventurer who loves to take long, frequent tours of various places, you’d mostly require lots of compartmentation for different items you carry. The Piel Leather duffle is an excellent choice due to its durable nature and lots of pockets.

The full-grain gives it an exquisite appearance that becomes exuberant with time. The size is also ample for enough items and stores almost everything you will require. Although it has straps to carry, you can also use its smooth wheel if you stuff it too heavy to lift.

5.    The North Face Base Camp duffle - Best International Weekend Bag

The North Face Base Camp duffle is the best men’s weekend duffle bag for international trips. However, it is not a good choice for international business trips due to its sporty design and bright coloured texture. It is an excellent pick if you plan to visit Maldives beaches or a camping trip to the Alaskan mountains.

The inside compartment has dedicated sections to keep your dirty or wet clothes separate from clean ones. The outer pockets are also zipped to secure your belongings.

6.    M&S Collection Leather Weekend Bag - Best Men's Leather Bag for Gym

Manufactured from genuine leather, M&S Collection Leather Weekend Bag is a great weekender for gyms. It is durable, tough, and reliable, and the graceful texture makes it suitable for bodybuilders and strong men. The  soft and smooth appearance is suitable for a premium feel.

The handle, combined with the soft carry-on strap, makes it extremely portable. And the three spacious compartments have enough capacity to store many objects. So, it is good for the gym, but you can also use it for weekend trips (weekender, remember?)

7.    Alvaro 47 Leather Duffle Bag - Best Men's Weekend Bag for Business Casual

For casual weekend business meetings, all you require is a minimal and sleek duffle bag with a simple yet elegant appearance. The Alvaro 47 Leather Duffle Bag is the best option due to its compact and minimal looks.

The fantastic bag has one large compartment for your necessary items and your laptop. The top-grain calfskin leather provides a brilliant texture with soft and smooth touch. The carry handle is solid and easy to hang. However, you will have to spend hefty to pick this durable option.

8.    Canterbury Leather Duffle Bag - Best Versatile Men's Weekend Duffle Bag

If you are looking for a highly versatile option anywhere, Canterbury Leather Duffle Bag is the best option due to its lightweight, sleek design and extremely durable material. The weekend bag uses top-grain buffalo leather, making it an exceptional long-lasting choice.

The weekend duffle bag also features a dedicated shoe compartment with adjustable separators. Moreover, the comfortable strap and easy-to-carry handles increase portability options, while the lightweight design keeps your energy at maximum to carry long distances.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect men’s leather weekend bag is tricky due to the many options available. However, we’ve made the search easy with our list of the 8 best weekenders in different categories. Now, you know which one to pick for various occasions. So, select the one which suits you best and make your weekends memorable.

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