Mens Full Grain Italian Leather Belt in Brown - Sons and Lovers

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Sons and Lovers

  • “Recklessness is almost a man's revenge on his woman. He feels he is not valued so he will risk destroying himself to deprive her altogether.” ― D.H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers


  • Hot summer day, a full tank, pedal to the metal. The road is mine. The wind is struggling to catch up. This is what I call freedom. You have to stop at some point though. The gas station as old as a desert will do. Coffee is surprisingly good, maybe it's because the cashier flirted with me. It's not every day that somebody compliments my look, OK the belt but I‘ll take it. I knew it was the real deal, the leather, and everything. I am not taking it off, ever.


  • Made from full-grain cowhide (Vachetta leather) that will last you for decades
  • Stainless Steel Buckle
  • We make sure to offer quality materials that are long-lasting and require little maintenance. It will be a good long while before you need to look for a replacement!




    • Height: 1.1 in (2.8 cm)
    • Total Length: 41 in (104 cm)
    • Smallest loop: 31.5 in (80 cm)
    • Largest loop: 37.4 in (95 cm)


    • Height: 1.1 in (2.8 cm)
    • Total Length: 44 in (112 cm)
    • Smallest loop: 34.3 in (87 cm)
    • Largest loop: 40.2 in (102 cm)

Extra Large

  • Height: 1.1 in (2.8 cm)
  • Total Length: 46.9 in (119 cm)
  • Smallest loop: 37.4 in (95 cm)
  • Largest loop: 43.3 in (110 cm)


We do our best to represent colors as accurately as possible, however:

  • slight variation of tint is a natural outcome of the vegetable tanning process;
  • some color distortion can be caused by the calibration of your monitor; and
  • did you know that each of us sees colors a little bit differently?

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